Covid-19 Safe Festival Services

Introducing COVID-19 Safe Event Strategies:

BMF understands that the world has shifted and that we all have to plan for life once restrictions have eased.   Controlling the spread of infectious diseases and protecting your staff, your patrons and your event requires more strategy and planning than ever before.  With the Australian government indicating that there will be new guidelines and criteria for festivals and events to follow you MUST be prepared.  BMF are a leading supplier of PPE equipment Australia-wide and we now offer additional testing strategies for your festival or event.

Covid-19 Screening and Infection Control Strategies Include:

Temperature Test

BMF will be able to temperature test ALL patrons upon entry to an event with non-touch handheld scanners for fast and effective results. 

Protective Personal Equipment

Protective Personal Equipment for all staff testing (PPE) – Approved by the therapeutic goods administration with certificates. This will ensure you provide your security team, your site management teams and any other attendee the option to be protected.

Hospital Grade Hand Sanitiser

BMF can provide hospital grade 70% alcohol hand sanitiser in commercial quantities with prices unmatched.  All patrons will be encouraged upon entry to use hand sanitiser before wristband is applied.  This product meets all WHO standards.

FDA Approved Covid-19 Antigen Testing

Any patron that returns a higher then average temperature, will be subjected to further testing with an FDA approved covid-19 antigen screening test with an indicative result on the spot.

Marquee Setup

A separate marquee setup ready to deal with Covid-19 screening or isolation of patrons, if required. 

Map Out Sanitiser Options

BMF recommend that sanitiser options are also available at the bars, the toilets and all entry and exit points.

Covid-19 Signage

New signage will be provided by BMF to be displayed , alerting patrons to the screening strategies in place and about the importance of hygiene practices. 

Detailed Reporting

BMF will provide a detailed report of antigen screening testing from the event.

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