Hair Testing for Drugs and Alcohol

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Do you need a hair test for drugs, alcohol or steroids?

Hair testing for drugs, alcohol or steroids is a specialised type of testing that identifies substance use or abstinence from substance use over a longer period of time than other sample types like blood, urine or saliva.   Hair testing can be required for court proceedings and for pre-employment or return to work testing under certain circumstances.
BMF facilitate hair testing at our headquarters in Moorabbin in accordance with the requesting authority’s requirements and the hair test is carried out at a NATA accredited laboratory.


About hair testing

Hair testing provides evidence of abstinence from drug or alcohol use over a longer period of time than other sample types. such as urine, blood or saliva.  The window of detection of drugs in hair is in the range of weeks to months.  Each 1 cm of hair growth from the scalp, equates to approximately 1 month of drug use.  Hair is not removed by the root, it is only cut close to the scalp.

For court directed or workplace related hair tests, collection of the hair sample cannot be carried out by the individual.  The identity of the donor must be independently verified and appropriate chain of custody processes must be adhered to.  This ensures the integrity of the hair sample and the integrity of the results.

Getting a hair test

If you require a hair test, BMF can help.

BMF facilitate hair testing at our headquarters in Moorabbin, Victoria, in accordance with the requesting authority’s requirements. BMF arrange transport of the hair sample/s to a laboratory with internationally recognised accreditation for hair testing. (NATA - National Association of Testing Authorities - Accreditation)

A documented report of results is available within 1-2 weeks. A written witness statement can also be ordered from the laboratory at additional cost, if required.

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