BMF HQ Workplace Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing Services

Are you looking for a trustworthy company that can carry out drug and alcohol testing in your workplace?

Your search ends with BMFHQ. Our workplace services include pre-employment screening, random testing, reasonable-cause and post-incident testing, policy writing and review.  Our experienced team can assist you to keep your workforce safe with the help of our high quality, trusted testing technology from Drager.  Reliable and accurate on-site screening results are backed up by confirmation testing in NATA accredited laboratories.  With BMFHQ, all of your workplace testing needs for drugs and alcohol will be handled in a courteous, professional and confidential manner.


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BMF HQ Workplace Drug Testing & Alcohol Testing Services

  • Highly trained, accredited and friendly testing technicians
  • Reliable and proven testing technology
  • Full chain of custody protocols with NATA accredited confirmation testing
  • Thorough documented operational protocols, in line with Australian Standard workplace testing requirements
  • Technical support and results interpretation
  • Oral fluid and urine testing available to meet your policy requirements
  • Random testing, reasonable cause testing, post-incident call-out testing and  pre-employment screening.
  • Surface testing and hair testing services 
  • Policy review and writing services
  • Metro and regional services

Why is drug and alcohol testing important in your workplace?

It is important that companies execute a thorough drug and alcohol management program to safeguard their employees and organisation from the adverse effects of alcohol and drug abuse.

In fact, it is a legal obligation, as stated in the OHS Act, that employers must provide adequate ‘duty of care’ to employees in the workplace and this includes management of drug and alcohol issues.

Drug and alcohol testing will ensure you are able to identify and monitor any drug and alcohol misuse by employees. Having a comprehensive policy will provide your organisation the guiding procedures to run the testing program and will ensure you have the tools to deal with any drug or alcohol issues that arise in a fair, consistent and legal manner.

What are the benefits of implementing a drug and alcohol management program?

1.  Reduce the harmful effects of drug and alcohol culture within the workplace
2. Increase employee awareness on the adverse effects of drug and alcohol misuse    and abuse
3. Enhance workplace safety and productivity
4. Reduce costs due to absenteeism
5. Decrease employee turnover
6. Improve employee wellbeing and workplace satisfaction
7. Puts an end to criminal behaviour and violence in the workplace

How do I get started?

Implement a drug and alcohol policy
BMFHQ can assist you with the development of a new policy from the ground up, or provide expertise to update an existing policy in line with your testing requirements and current Australian Standards.

Select the method of testing you would like to use
1. Saliva Testing – Detection window up to 48 hours
2. Urine testing - Detection window up to 14 days
3. Combination of both testing methods

Select the type of testing you require
1. Random drug and alcohol testing
2. Post-incident testing
3. Reasonable cause testing
4. Return-to-work testing
5. Pre-employment testing

Choose the frequency and number of staff you want to test
We have weekly, monthly, and bi monthly options.
We can tailor make a testing program and schedule to suit your requirements. For random testing programs, BMFHQ can manage the random selection of employees.
For pre-employment testing, we also offer testing services at our headquarters in Moorabbin.

Contact BMFHQ to discuss pricing options available for the testing
We have pricing options to suit all types of businesses and industries. Our packages are the most cost effective solution in for workplace testing to keep your workplace safe

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