Discover Plus - 12 Panel Urine Test Cup

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Discover Plus 12 Panel Urine Test Cup

The World Famous Discover Multi Panel Drug Test Cup is an all-in-one drug of abuse test cup. The strips are self-contained and the entire cup is tamper resistant.

    The Discover Plus 12 Panel Urine Cup is a full spectrum urine test. It is utilised to detect the presence of both illegal and prescription drugs in the donor’s urine.  The test detects the following substances:
    • THC (Cannabis)
    • COC (Cocaine)
    • AMP (Amphetamines)
    • OPI (Opiates)
    • MAMP (Methamphetamine)
    • PCP (Phencyclidine)
    • BAR (Barbiturates)
    • BZO (Benzodiazepines)
    • MTD (Methadone)
    • MDMA (Ecstasy)
    • OXY (Oxycodone)
    • K2 (Synthetic Cannabinoids)


    • 99% accuracy, USA Made strips and reagents
    • Easy to read strips with definitive lines
    • Immediate Rapid Results: Read Negatives within 1 minute, positives in 5 minutes
    • Test for 12 drug classes simultaneously
    • 24 Month Shelf Life from date of manufacture
    • Results Remain Valid For Up To 1 Hour
    • Built in Temperature Strip


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