The Daily - Oral Electrolyte and Vitamin Powder Tub

Size: 150g
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The Daily is not your average electrolyte and vitamin solution.

The Daily, our oral electrolyte and vitamin powder, has been researched by our team of biomedical scientists.  It is formulated to combine 15 naturally-sourced electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to boost your body's natural processes, without artificial stimulants.

We designed The Daily aware that we all lead busy lives. We sweat and we lose electrolytes, minerals and vitamins. Replacing what we lose is key to staying happy and healthy.

When you've been up to no good The Daily helps to decrease/reduce/relieve symptoms of occasional hangovers

Each Day The Daily enhances:

  • Energy levels
  • Physical endurance / stamina and muscle strength
  • General wellbeing
  • Healthy mood and emotional balance

The benefits of taking this once a day are:

  • Enjoy enhanced energy
  • Cut out unwanted side effects like jitters and insomnia, caused by alternatives high in caffeine, like energy drinks and coffee 
  • Conveniently mix the highly soluble powder with your favourite drinks
  • Live life on full charge - without compromise

Great Value! Each 150g tub delivers 60 serves of The Daily.

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