The Ultimate Driver Party Pack

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Make sure you and your friends are equipped with everything you need before heading off to your next festival or event. to go out and get home safely.

The Ultimate Party Pack contains:
1 X Drager Alcotest 3820 Breathalyser Unit
1 X Box of 5 Alcotest 3820 Mouthpieces
5 x Redline single-use breath testers
5 X Drager DrugCheck 3000 Saliva drug tests consistent with roadside testing Australia wide
1 X MDMA drug purity kit
1 x ECSTACY drug purity kit
1 x Cocaine drug purity kit

Drager Alcotest 3820 which is identical technology to that used by the police: over 30 million breath alcohol tests a year. Redline breath alcohol tests provide a convenient, inexpensive and disposable test to keep on hand as backup or to share with friends. Both the Alcotest 3820 and the Redline test kits are certified to Australian Standard 3547.

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