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BMFHQ are an interactive drug and alcohol testing and education service on the front line of music and lifestyle events Australia-wide.  BMFHQ promotes safe social environments by empowering people to know their level of intoxication and encouraging them to make responsible decisions based on this information.  The service we provide assists event patrons to get home safely by giving them an opportunity to be Drug (saliva) & Alcohol (breath) tested before leaving an event.

Empowering young people to make safer decisions

By starting a friendly conversation with young adults in a positive context about the effects of drugs and alcohol and dangers of associated behaviours, we empower them to:

  • Understand the effects of alcohol and drugs
  • Avoid drink or drug driving
  • Establish healthier drinking habits
  • Encourage their peers to drink and  use drugs responsibly

This not only helps people make an informed decision before getting behind the wheel, but also ensure that drivers, parents, schools, universities, music festivals, charity events and the wider community are kept safe from potential dangers of drug and alcohol misuse.

To protect your patrons and your brand we encourage events to consider our service for these reasons:


Immediate effect on limiting and mitigating drink/drug driving from ever taking place.

Public Image

BMFHQ helps to generate positive event branding and public image by delivering important educational and harm minimisation services.


Immediate effect on reducing the potential harms from drink or drug driving.

Deter Violent Behaviour

We can help avoid violent behaviour, supported by local Police


Educating and establishing healthier and better drinking habits.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Implementing harm reduction services at your festival can lower insurance premiums

Tailor-made service formats to suit your specific event requirements

Whether it's an under-age event, multi-day camping festival or single day events, BMFHQ will customise our service package to suit your specific needs.

BMFHQ’s core values focus on delivering the most accurate and reliable results at a price that is affordable to the consumer.

18+ Event Services

When patrons are driving to an event, BMFHQ offer effective strategies to give patrons every chance to test themselves before driving out of the venue. BMFHQ can operate multiple setups on-site, designed so that we can conduct and process thousands of drug and alcohol tests in a very short period of time. The setup also doubles up as a HQ safe space for all patrons to educate themselves and speak to a trained BMF staff member about the dangers of drink and drug driving.  Key features of our service include: 

  • BMFHQ can operate two setups, enabling extensive signage and shelter for patrons participating in testing throughout the event.
  • BMFHQ setup at the exit points of the main designated car parks. With appropriate signage, road safety equipment and traffic management directing cars, BMFHQ can systematically offer drivers the chance to pull over in a holding bay and be tested for alcohol and drugs.
  • Provides events with traffic management plans to direct cars through testing stations prior to exit.
  • Our crew deliver critical information and advice to all patrons who are tested, encouraging them to reconsider their options before leaving.
  • BMFHQ keep abreast of all the current and relevant testing protocols related to police road side testing in each state respectively.

Under-age Event Services

Supporting a zero-tolerance policy, BMFHQ have created a team trained to breath test and drug test patrons before they enter an underage event, mitigating potential risks before the individual passed the turnstiles.  Features of our underage service include:

  • Drug and alcohol pre-screening of underage patrons on ingress
  • BMFHQ testing tent setup outside of entry to event
  • Behaviour monitoring and testing of underage patrons once inside event
  • BMFHQ can work in tandem with event security
  • BMFHQ testing tent setup within event grounds providing a safe place for patrons to approach and discuss drug and alcohol use
  • BMFHQ support event operator to fulfil terms and conditions of event ticket prohibiting entry to intoxicated persons (as determined by a positive alcohol or drug test)
  • Provides parents peace of mind that underage patrons are entering a safe and drug and alcohol free event.

Hydration Station

BMFHQ offer a hydration station where patrons can replenish their vitamins and minerals by drinking Vitadrop. The Daily premium scientifically formulated electrolyte and hydration mix.

Vitadrop is jam packed with all of the essentials:
Zinc, Vitamin D3, Iron, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B1, Folic, Vitamin B12, Manganese, Vitamin B6, Cocos Nucifera and calcium Pantothenate.

This is designed to not only hydrate the body quickly but will help to ensure the mind and body is sharp and alert before getting behind the wheel of their car. 

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