Drug Purity Test Kits

If you're going to take it,
test it.

The EZ Test purity test kits are a range of quick and simple presumptive drug and pill testing kits. Pill testing kits are an effective tool to test the purity, strength and presence of adulterants in recreational drugs, helping you to make an informed decision about what substances you take.

Drug Purity and Pill Testing Kits

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Drug purity test kit

Drug purity test kit

Ecstasy& Amphetamines
Drug purity test kit

Cocaine Purity
Drug purity kit

Cocaine Cuts
Drug purity test kit

Cocaine& Crack Cocaine
Drug purity test kit

Fentanyl presence test

GHB Purity
Drug purity test kit

LSD & other indoles
Drug purity test kit

Ultimate Ecstasy Pack

Ultimate Coke Pack

The Ultimate Sampler

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