Advanced LSD and DMT Multi Use Purity Test Kit

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Kays Lab Pill Testing Australia LSD and DMT Advanced Reagent Test Kit

This kit has been specifically designed to confirm the presence of LSD (Acid, Tabs, Gel Tabs, Dots) or DMT and rule out the presence of other substances, such as 25i NBOMe, DOM, DOB, AL-LAD, ETH-LAD, 5-MeO-DMT.

This Multi use test kit is good for up to 100 tests

This kit contains 4 reagents:

  • Ehrlich Reagent is the first step in identifying LSD or DMT, Ehlrich is used to confirm whether an indole substance (LSD, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, etc) is present. It does not react to 25i NBOMe, DOM, DOB, or other Phenylethylamine Psychedelics.

  • Hoffman Reagent is used to determine if LSD is specifically present. LSD will cause a blue reaction. Hoffman can also detect the presence of other psychedelics such as 2C-E and some NBOMe's.

Note: With Ehrlich and Hoffman a result is positive even if only the tab or substrate changes colour, it can take up to 30 minutes to see a result. If testing LSD and no reaction occurred then continue testing with Marquis and Mecke Reagents.

  • Marquis Reagent is able to detect NBOMe's as well as DMT. Any bright colour change within the first 5 seconds indicates the presence of a NBOMe. A slow orange colour indicates DMT (not found on blotters)

  • Mecke Reagent is able to detect DOx substances as well as DET. Any bright colour change within the first 5 seconds indicates the presence of a DOx. A slow brown colour indicates DET or DMT (not found on blotters.

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Please note, there is no safe level of substance use, please seek emergency medical advice if you have an unexpected reaction to a substance.


Reagent contains a strong acid, please wear appropriate PPE when handling (gloves and glasses)


Best stored in the fridge, will last at least 12 months, however it's best practice to test a known substance (aspirin, sugar) to confirm the reagent has not degraded after a period of storage.


This kit is a presumptive test, it is designed to identify whether or not a substance is present. If you get a colour change that is not what you're expecting, please do not consume the substance.



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