Why Drager?
Almost 4 years ago to the day, blow me first (BMF) had to make a very important decision on who it would align itself with. This decision would pave the way for our success in the consumer market.
At the time, Fairfax media had got wind that a young start up company called “Blow me first” had agreed arrangements with some of Melbourne’s premier night clubs and bars to offer breath testing during their peak times interactively.
These venues allowed BMF staff to roam within the venue and offer patrons a chance to do a breath test, whilst in the act of drinking. The objective was to help, educate and impact the way patrons viewed their drinking habits and to be more mindful of where their BAC was while drinking. This would occur every Saturday night in Melbourne’s CBD from midnight through to 4am.
BMF was contacted by Fairfax media who wanted to spend the night with us and experience the service BMF was providing. BMF’s directors (David Gould & Noah Tyler) took Fairfex media out on King street at 4am . The idea was to expose the Fairfax journalist to the culture of drinking in Melbourne’s notorious night club strip and participate in a conversation with patrons reveling inside each venue about how intoxicated they thought they were vs wether or not they thought they could drive. Interviews and photos were taken and an article would follow in a week’s time.
On Monday the 23rd of December 2013, BMF woke up to unprecedented phone calls , text messages and emails because BMF had landed itself on the front page of The AGE newspaper. After doing multiple radio interviews, BMF were then contacted by ‘Today Tonight” who ran a story on the benefits of educating people on how their bodies processed alcohol while in the act of drinking and whether or not they felt ok drive.
This is when BMF was introduced to Drager amongst a whole host of other breathalyzer manufacturers wanting to align themselves with the BMF brand.
After multiple meetings it became very clear which organization presented themselves with not only the best technologies and product range but whose core values rested upon over 100 years of business integrity. Drager has time and time again proved to be superior in their desires to stay ahead of the game. They never sacrifice quality nor do they waiver from their professionalism.
The BMF and Drager relationship has just surpassed its 4 year anniversary and with the new version 2 Drager Drug check 3000 and the personal Drager Alcotest 3820 breathalyser we are so excited to build this partnership for many more years to come.

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