BMFHQ is committed to promoting safe social and workplace environments by empowering people to understand the impacts of drugs and alcohol and to delivering the most accurate and reliable results at a price that is affordable to the consumer.

Meet our Team

David Gould
Managing Director

The story of BMFHQ goes back to 2009, when Dave was attending a music festival as a patron, observed there was no service available to check your breath alcohol measurement and be sure you were safe to drive upon leaving.
After learning through extensive market research that there was no service Australia-wide that offered this service, the concept of BMFHQ was born.   
12 years later, BMFHQ's service offerings have continued to expand and Dave is passionate about delivering the best drug and alcohol testing services and products to workplaces, events and the general public with the view to raise awareness and reduce harms associated with drug and alcohol use.

Garth Rautu
Events Manager

Garth has been a part of the BMFHQ team since 2016 where he started as a volunteer at a festival. Garth now runs and manages events for BMFHQ nationally.

Garth is passionate about educating the community about drug and alcohol related harms and the dangers that can be associated with it. Garth is driven, engaging and professional in everything that he does, striving to deliver the best experience possible.

Dave Nguyen
Senior Drug Testing Technician

David's first encounter with BMF HQ was back in 2015 as a customer. He was inspired by BMFHQ’s mission to help the next generation of young people make responsible decisions.Being concerned about the abuse of drugs in the workplace and festival goers driving impaired or intoxicated, David immersed himself in countless volunteer roles within the company helping to promote the message of harm reduction, before taking on a permanent role in the organisation.

Noah Tyler
Managing Director

Noah first crossed paths with Dave in 2013, right at the point where he too was running a successful business. Dave recognised that Noah’s people skills and work ethic would be instrumental in taking BMFHQ to the next level. The timing was perfect and the two boys have never looked back.

Noah is passionate about helping people and loves building relationships with events, promoters, clients and suppliers alike to grow the brand nationally.

Justin TylerDrug Testing Technician

Justin has been part of the BMF team since 2016 where he has managed and operated Drug & Alcohol testing services at music events and in the workplace.Justin is very well organised, focused and passionate by nature and prides himself on building trust and establishing solid professional relationships in the workplace. Justin holds a Statement of Attainment from a RTA in accordance with AS4308 & AS4760.


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