BMFHQ Breathalyser Calibration Service

Drager Alcotest: Designed for years of use

Drager Alcotest Breathalysers are made in Germany and meet the highest quality standards.
Regular calibration of your Alcotest device ensures that the measurement technology will remain precise for a long time.

Follow our easy steps to get your Alcotest breathalyser calibrated:

Drager Alcotest 3820 and Alcotest 4000

It is recommended your Drager Alcotest 3820 and Alcotest 4000 be re-calibrated once every 12 months to maintain precision and accuracy.

Have your Alcotest 3820 /4000 calibrated with BMFHQ.  We offer a fast 5 day turn-around.  Price includes return shipping and a calibration certificate.  Only $69.

To proceed, simply enter your contact details, complete payment and post your device to BMFHQ for fast, easy calibration of your Alcotest 3820 / 4000.

Drager 6820

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Drager 3000

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