Drager Test Station 6820 - Wall Mounted Unit

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Workplace Breath Alcohol Testing Station

***Please note** this does not include the Drager Alcotest 6820 (Sold separately)

In launching its innovative Dräger Test Station Alcotest 6820, Dräger has focused entirely on meeting the needs of its customers.  The system comprises of a marine-grade aluminium test station and the Dräger Alcotest 6820 handheld breathalyzer.

It is an impressive combination, offering reliable test results, ease of operation and cost-efficiency. It can be used for voluntary self-testing, gate access entry and a myriad of other applications, providing all the advantages of a wall-mount breathalyser without the need for mains power.

The design is simple:

Custom bracket to house a securely store the Drager alcotest 6820.

The Alcotest 6820 has fully downloadable data to create reporting.

Enables the user to use Drager universal mouthpieces which are the most cost effective mouthpieces designed to ensure hygienic standards are met and each user can easily click in, blow in, and click off mouthpiece without supervision.

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