Tadiran Airow 3 in Australia


H2O2 air purifier for wall mounted air conditioners


H2O2 air purifier for wall mounted air conditioners

harmful airborne

Safe and Effective

no filter changes!

A Remedy Against Harmful Pathogens

The TADIRAN AIROW 3 is a unique air purification system that uses hydrogen peroxide to purify the air. This little device is specially designed for use with wall mounted air conditioners or spilt systems in homes, schools, aged care, offices and commercial spaces. 
The TADIRAN AIROW 3 is a zero-maintenance solution that is highly effective in purifying the air of pathogens while consuming minimal amounts of electricity. It is an exceptional air disinfection device that can significantly enhance the air quality of indoor environments.

Safe and Effective


  • Exceeds H2O2 OSHA Guidelines
  • Emits no ions
  • Emits zero ozone


  • Eliminates Viruses including Covid-19
  • Eliminates Bacteria
  • Eliminates Mould

How does TADIRAN AIROW 3™ work?

The TADIRAN AIROW 3 uses an electrical current within the unit to break apart oxygen atoms in the air.  The Oxygen combines with water in the air to form Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).  The flow of air through the air conditioner distributes the purifying H2O2 through the airconditioned space, elminating bacteria, viruses and mould on contact.   Watch our short video to learn more....

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**Installation cost may vary depending on your location**

Purchase of your Airow 3 Air Purifier includes installation into your existing wall mounted airconditioning system by a qualified HVAC installer and a 3 year warranty.


Effective against Viruses

RNA Virus MS2 Bacterophage reduced by 99.9994% after 50 minutes

Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories, USA

Effective against Bacteria

Reduction of Staphyloccocus Epidermis by 99.994% in 60 minutes

Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories, USA

Effective against Mold

Blue Mold (Penicillium Citrinum) aerosolized reduced by 99.4% in 3 hours

Kitazao Laboratory, Japan

Effective against Covid

Reduction of SARS-CoV-2 virus by 99.93% in 60 minutes

Innovative Bioanalysis Labs, USA

Ozone Free Technology



Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration


Exceeds OSHA guidelines

Easy install in Australia,  Plug and Play Solution to Air Cleaning

  • Installation available Australia-wide
  • Compact, lightweight and invisible once installed
  • 3 Year warranty provides peace of mind
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Must be installed by a qualified HVAC installer

Approved and Certified

  • EESS Certified (Electrical Equipment Safety System) 
  • Certified to AS/NZ 60335.2.65:2105
  • Certified to AS/NZS 60335.1:2020
  • Verified ozone free - Intertek
  • H2O2 levels verified below 15ppm

Australia, Introducing the TADIRAN AIROW 3™ : Revolutionising Indoor Air Purification

Indoor air quality is a critical factor that affects our health and well-being. With the rising concerns about airborne pollutants, allergens, and harmful microorganisms like Covid-19, Influenza and Listeria, finding an innovative and efficient air purification solution has become imperative. Enter the TADIRAN AIROW 3, a wall-mounted air purifier that utilises the power of hydrogen peroxide to revolutionise the way we clean and purify our indoor air.  While many molecules and atoms used in active air purification solutions can pose risks to our health, hydrogen peroxide has been proven to be both safe and effective when used in appropriate levels. It is a wide-range non-selective biocide, meaning no bacteria or virus has developed resistance to it. Hydrogen peroxide has no bio-accumulative effect, ensuring that no traces can survive and accumulate in the environment or in human bodies.  One of the significant advantages of hydrogen peroxide is its safety and efficiency even in low concentrations. It is relatively stable compared to ions, allowing it to travel in the air for longer paths and efficiently kill microorganisms in larger volumes in the treated indoor air space. The medical community has been utilising hydrogen peroxide for over a century due to its safety and effectiveness, and hydrogen peroxide is used in numerous household hygiene and cleaning products.

TADIRAN AIROW 3 has undergone rigorous testing in reputable international laboratories, to determine safety and efficacy. The TADIRAN AIROW 3 technology meets the occupational exposure limits for hydrogen peroxide, a key component used in the device. Concentrations of hydrogen peroxide detected during the operation of the TADIRAN AIROW 3 were found to be 50-100 times lower than the established limits set by regulatory bodies such as OSHA. This ensures that the device operates within safe levels of hydrogen peroxide, providing peace of mind for users.  Furthermore, the device has been certified ozone and ion free, and has also been certified locally in Australia under Australian Government’s Electrical Equipment Safety System. It has been certified under the Global Mark Electrical Product Safety Certification Scheme, against the following Australian Standards: AS/NZS 60335.2.65 and AS/NZS 60335.1.220. This demonstrates its ability to meet the high local and international standards as well as exceeding safety limits, making it a reliable choice for improving indoor air quality and reducing the risks associated with airborne contaminants.

The TADIRAN AIROW 3 takes advantage of these properties of hydrogen peroxide to create a cutting-edge air purifier that ensures optimal indoor air quality. Further benefits of TADIRAN AIROW 3 new air purifier technology includes its easy installation, compact form, and low electricity usage. In fact the TADIRAN AIROW 3 wall mounted air purifier only uses 1 W of electricity. This wall-mounted air purifier is designed for ductless mini-split air conditioners, can fit fan coils, PTACs, celling cassettes and VRF ductless split systems. In fact, it seamlessly fits into virtually any existing HVAC system, making it a versatile solution for both residential and commercial environments. The universal fit allows for hassle-free integration, eliminating the need for costly modifications or extensive installation procedures. What sets the TADIRAN AIROW 3 apart is its patented self-cleaning mechanism, which guarantees zero maintenance. Unlike traditional air purifiers that require regular upkeep and filter replacements, the TADIRAN AIROW 3 is a true "set it and forget it" solution. The TADIRAN AIROW 3 requires absolutely no filter replacements. A wall-mounted air purifier that needs no filter replacements! This incredible self-cleaning feature not only provides convenience and significant long term cost-savings but also ensures the longevity and reliability of the purifier, giving users peace of mind.

The TADIRAN AIROW 3 utilisation of hydrogen peroxide offers a comprehensive approach to air purification. By harnessing the molecule's disinfecting properties, it effectively eliminates airborne pathogens, allergens, and other pollutants, providing a safe and healthy environment for occupants. The purifier's intelligent design and advanced technology work harmoniously to neutralise harmful particles, neutralise odours, and improve overall air quality in residential homes, offices, schools, clinics, aged care and commercial spaces.

Where can I buy the TADIRAN AIROW 3 in Australia? BMFHQ are proud distributors of the TADIRAN AIROW 3 in Australia and are taking pre-orders now! Installation is available Australia-wide. For sales and installation enquiries in Melbourne, Victoria, Sydney, NSW, Brisbane, Queensland, NSW, Adelaide, South Australia, Hobart, Tasmania, Perth and Western Australia contact http://bmfhq.com.au or phone 03 9553 3056. BMFHQ are here to answer any questions you have about the new TADIRAN AIROW 3 wall mounted air purifier for split system air conditioners.

In a world where indoor air quality is paramount, the TADIRAN AIROW 3 emerges as an innovative and forward-thinking solution. By harnessing the power of hydrogen peroxide, this wall-mounted air purifier sets a new standard for efficiency, safety, and reliability in air purification. With its easy installation, zero maintenance(no filters!), exceptional performance and safety certifications, the TADIRAN AIROW 3 ensures that we no longer need to compromise when it comes to the air we breathe.