Level 4 Disposable Isolation Clinical Gown - TGA approved - BLUE

Size: Single Gown
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The need for PPE should be based on the precautions required
to protect against infectious agents based on the mode of transmission.

Choice of fluid resistant or fluid impermeable will be made based on the risk and amount of fluid exposure anticipated during the patient or patient environment encounter.

TGA registered Level 4 medical device - Disposable and light weight protective gown for medical use.

Gown is fluid resistant and latex free (waterproof)

Used where large amounts of fluids or sprays may
be anticipated or encountered.

Non sterile and disposable - ARTG 335301


Laminated or coated material (e.g. impervious polyethylene.

Ultrasonic welded seams


Resistant to the penetration of viruses based on penetration of a surrogate microbe.

Meets requirements of bacteriophage penetration ASTM F1671.

Size - 115x190 cm ; 120 x 196cm

Cuff style - Knitted polyester Cuff/ Tape sealed seam

Closure type - Tie back with 4 fabric ties

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