Drager Alcotest® 5000 Breathalyser

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The Dräger Alcotest® 5000 is a professional breath-alcohol tester which detects the presence of alcohol. This breathalyzer is designed for large-scale operations for commercial use at stadiums, festivals, work sites or high traffic areas.

  • The high-speed breathalyser lets you perform up to 12 tests under 1 minute.
  • Maximum control in minimum time with our fastest ever breathalyser
  • High-precision rapid alcohol testing with hygienic funnel design
  • Alcohol testing with simple operation and convenient oversight
  • Breath-alcohol testing at a distance
  • Fuel Cell technology – Electrochemical DragerSensor
  • Very fast response times and fast displayed results
  • Easy handling, compact design with high durability
  • LED screen
  • Exchangeable Funnels
  • CE marked

Maximum control in minimum time with our fastest ever breathalyser

The Alcotest® 5000, can test up to 12 people a minute to determine whether they have consumed alcohol or not. Especially for police and private security professionals, testing large numbers of people for intoxication in a short period of time presents a major challenge: for example, during large-scale operations, entrance checks at work sites, and stadiums, entry points to public transport and airport security checks.

High-precision rapid alcohol testing with hygienic funnel design

The alcohol test takes place without the need for bodily contact with the test subject. There is no need to attach and detach mouthpieces, because testing requires the subjects simply to blow into a funnel. This special Dräger Alcotest 5000 funnel prevents the back-flow of the subject's own expired air. After use, the funnel attachment is easily exchanged, providing assurance of a hygienic solution.

Alcohol testing with simple operation

Easy-to-use, single-button operation via the OK button, the Alcotest 5000 is the latest generation of Dräger's proven, simple-to-operate alcohol testing devices. Using its two additional arrow buttons, you can navigate easily and for example: view the latest test results, reset the test counter, check for the next scheduled calibration date, or set the menu to a different language. The instructions for the test process are language-neutral and easy to understand, thanks to symbols on the display.

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