Drager Alcotest 6820 Professional Breathalyser

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Drager Alcotest 6820 Breathalyser

The compact hand-held Alcotest® 6820 features the proven Drager sensor technology and is certified for accuracy and reliability in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3547.   The Alcotest® 6820 is the reliable partner for professional breath alcohol analyses.

Key Features

  • This high end Drager Alcotest 6820 is the top of its range.
  • Tests in both active and passive modes.
  • Designed and manufactured to withstand the most challenging of working conditions for both extreme hot and cold.
  • Australian and New Zealand Police roadside-standard breath testing 
  • Large memory capacity of 5000 test results.
  • All data is stored and can be downloaded to your PC or MAC via USB
  • Can be paired with the wireless 6820 mobile printer for on-the-spot hard copy printouts of results
  • The ideal breathalyser for the most serious of breath alcohol analysis.
  • Calibration: 6 monthly


  • Drager Alcotest 6820 Instrument
  • Protective hard carry case
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • Hand strap
  • 3 Drager Slide'n'Click mouthpieces


High-quality workmanship

A professional breath alcohol testing device must be able to withstand some abuse. The Alcotest 6820 new design and quality workmanship make this unit ideal for use in demanding conditions. Thanks to its durable material it is highly resistant to rough weather conditions such as cold or moisture, and it satisfies protection class IP 54.

High user comfort

Testing intoxicated people requires a high degree of concentration. This is where the true value of an easy to operate device comes into play. All measurement functions are controlled with a single button. Easily understandable full-text messages on a large, backlit display guide you safely through the alcohol test. An LED display and acoustic signals support the visual display and report the completion of a test measurement. Two menu buttons are used for navigation and the collection of statistical data.

Proven quality

Alcotest 6820 is also equipped with the proven electrochemical Dräger sensor. This sensor is characterised by very short response times coupled with precision and durability. Test results are always reliable regardless whether the temperature is -5°C or +50°C. Even with a high alcohol content, the sensor provides fast accurate results. This is true for both active as well as passive measurements.

Practical design

Alcotest 6820 offers a balanced, ergonomic design. Its compact form makes it especially easy to hold and operate with only one hand. The mouthpiece of the Alcotest 6820 unit is easily snapped into the holder even when it’s dark thanks to its intuitive shape – regardless whether you are right-handed or left-handed or whether testing traffic moving on the right or left side of the road. The display is always in clear view.  After use, the mouthpiece is just as easily and hygienically removed again.

“Slide’n’Click” mouthpiece

The patented Draeger mouthpieces prevent any manipulation attempts. The optional non-return valve also ensures maximum hygiene. 

Data processing and documentation

The expanded memory capacity of Alcotest 6820 is able to record up to 5000 test results. An optical interface enables wireless transmission of data to the Dräger mobile printer directly on site. Data is transferable to the PC via USB connection and the same connection can be used to configure the device.

Optional accessories

A wide strap supports safe and comfortable use of the Alcotest 6820 testing device. The strap can be attached to your belt or around the wrist and secured with either buckles or Velcro. Reflectors make it easier to locate the device in the dark.

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Download Drager Alcotest 6820 Brochure Here

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