Dräger Bump Test Station for Pac Series Gas Detectors

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The Dräger Bump Test Station is designed to perform a bump test (also known as a function test or challenge test) for portable Pac Series Gas Detectors.

Easy to use
Fast and simple function test for Dräger Pac Series Gas Detection units in 5-15 seconds. Flexible, portable on site function tests without the need for a power supply.
Reliable Results
The bump test station tests the device using a known gas concentration.  This is the only way to guarantee a reliable, precise measurement and functionality against a gas hazard and to ensure correct warnings against them.
Automatic Calibrations
If the test is not completed successfully, the device has to be adjusted/calibrated.
This calibration is capable of being carried out automatically on the Bump Test Station.  This confirms correct functionality of the gas detector, ensuring compliance with country-specific regulations and standards.


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