Drager DCD 5000 - Oral fluid collection swab & transport tube (Box of 20 sets)

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The essential oral fluid collection swab and transport tube for saliva drug confirmations in the laboratory.  Enables A & B sample in accordance with Australian Standard 4760.

The Drager DCD 5000 is an oral fluid sample collector which hygienically (no spitting!) collects 0.4ml of oral fluid to send the extracted sample to an analysis laboratory for confirmation analysis.

The low variance of the collected sample volume and the proven high recovery rate of drugs from the Draeger DCD 5000 permit semi- quantitative reporting of drug concentrations in the oral fluid at the time of taking the sample.

If required, two Drager DCD 5000's can be combined to carry out simultaneous double sampling, in line with Australian Standard requirements for oral fluid confirmations.

After taking the sample, the two Drager DCD 5000's can be separated again, packed in transport tubes with isoproponal buffer to preserve the samples in transit and analysed separately.

The Draeger DCD 5000 enables simple, hygienic sample extraction in the laboratory thanks to a patented, new ejection technology for the sample collector. 

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