Ketamine Purity - Drug Test Kit

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This Mandelin test is a reagent that reacts to MDMA. This test is most popular with Ketamine testing.

Single use test kit.

Adulterants in drugs can have serious side-effects. EZ Test Ketamine is a quick and easy to use test kit that can tell whether a pill or powder contains Ketamine, MDMA , amphetamine, PMA, PMMA or other psychoactive substances. It is an effective means of testing for adulterants and other potentially harmful substances which are often found in street drugs .

The reagent itself has a golden yellow color. Detailed instructions and a color chart to compare your results with are included in the box. It will show different colours for (meth) amphetamine, KETAMINE, 2- AminoIndane, Ritalin and PMA/PMMA.

Within seconds you will have a pretty good idea of what you’re dealing with!


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