San-Air Atomiser

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The San-Air Atomiser has arrived!

San-Air Nano Atomiser Spray Gun with Blue Light and USB charging.  Perfect for use with San-Air disinfecting and mould cleaning products.

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Perfect for sanitising, disinfecting and removing odours in homes, offices and schools.  The atomiser has a blue light to identify areas requiring treatment and it delivers a fine continuous mist at the click of a button.  Comes complete with USB cable for charging. 

Product Specifications:

Use time: 1.5hours
Charging time: 4.5 hours
Water bottle capacity: 250ml
Charging method: USB data cable
Size: Approx.183x48x160mm

Atomiser Warranty: 

1 year.  Manufacturer’s warranty of one year on the Atomizers for fair and normal use.  In each box, are the complete safety instructions and user manual. 


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