SAN-AIR Mould Gone Natural Surface Wipes (100)

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SAN-AIR Mould Gone Natural Surface Wipes (100)


Our 100% natural mould-gone wipes work to kill mould and prevent mould regrowth. (1st of its kind)


A soft yet sturdy compostable bamboo wipe.
Contains no alcohol.

100% plant actives
SAN-AIR is made with a proprietary mix of selected Australian
organic essential oils, carefully blended to deliver powerful
microbial reduction properties at very low dosages. All of these
actives have specific effects on microbial life and strict controls
are utilised to maximise their effect whilst safeguarding their
relationship with each other.

Long-lasting protection

Once SAN-AIR removes the infestation and the space has been
cleaned, the product continues working to prevent new
infestations from appearing. The SAN-AIR Technology offers a
complete solution, from the removal of bacteria and mould to
continued lasting protection.

Safeguard yourself from the mould you are cleaning by
wearing appropriate gloves a mask and goggles.
Remove the wipe from the tub and place it on the surface you want to
clean, and wipe.
Discard wipe after each use, and frequently if the area is very
Repeat as many times as necessary, until the affected surface
appears clean.
Allow the surface to air dry.

SAN-AIR is a Microbial Control Technology, independently
validated to reduce fungal and bacterial bio-burden levels
within indoor environments. Formulated with over 20 plant
actives, SAN-AIR is 100% safe for humans, animals and the

Scientific breakthrough in natural organic chemistry
Created through extensive research and development, the
technology capitalises on the relationship between nature and
science to effectively neutralise and control airborne and surface
contamination without the use of toxic chemicals.
Natural air and surface purification

An average person spends almost 90% of their time indoors.
High levels of indoor bio-burden have been linked to many
severe health conditions. SAN-AIR decreases the indoor
bio-burden to levels well below current Australian standards for
indoor air: • Less than 150 colonies of mould per 1000 litres • Less than 1000 colonies of bacteria per 1000 litres

Independently tested and validated using the highest
level of test methodologies currently available

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