Super Ninja Fruit Fly Trap 4 pack

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Super Ninja Fruit Fly Trap 4 pack




Super Ninja - Fruit Fly Trap - 4 Pack - Highly Effective Ecological Fruit Fly Traps Indoor - Fruit Fly Bait - up to 21 Days per Bottle


Catching fruit flies? With our innovative & discreet fruit fly trap, you will get rid of your fruit flies super fast. Natural and responsible, easy to use, and easy to place.


The unique mix of natural ingredients lures the fruit flies right into the trap. They will crawl into the little bottle through a special funnel, after which the fruit flies can no longer get out. Once in the trap, the fruit flies will soon drown. With Super Ninja’s fruit fly trap, you will catch most of the fruit flies within one day!


Made of natural ingredients and recycled materials


Easy to use and place, near to the source of the problem

The attractant in the fruit fly trap consists of the right mix of vinegar, fruit juice, and a surface-breaking substance, comparable with detergent. The trap consists of a small bottle, a funnel, and a cap, made from recycled plastic. The packaging is made of recycled – and recyclable – unbleached carton.


  • A Fruit Fly Ninja lasts up to 30 days.
  • The Fruit Fly Ninja is made from biodegradable and recycled plastic and can be thrown away with plastic waste.

How It Works

The Fruit Fly Ninja very successfully mimics a feeding and breeding place, so the flies crawl in quickly, but subsequently, they cannot find the exit anymore. It works entirely on a mechanical basis and contains no active substances that kill the flies.

The natural liquid only contains food products, is completely non-toxic.

How to use:

Very easy:
1) Remove the cap
2) Remove the foil from the tape
3) Stick the Ninja close to the problem area

Where to use

Fruit Fly Ninja is used by consumers (at home) as well as by companies, for example, supermarkets, greengrocers, and the hospitality industry. 


What makes Fruit Fly Ninja better than other fruit fly traps?

Fruit Fly Ninja occupies a unique position compared to other products, in particular in the field of:

  • Effectiveness: the Ninjas are more effective, we regularly hear that this is  'the only suitable solution'.
  • Ease of use: our products are also designed for ease of use, this has resulted in the easiest and most user-friendly trap there is.
  • Ecology: the liquid is natural and the other components also have a minimal impact on the environment. We use biodegradable materials or recycle used materials.
  • Discretion: the trap can be placed almost anywhere and out of sight, thanks to the handy adhesive strip.

Where should I place the fruit flycatcher?

The best place to place the Fruit Fly Ninja is close to the nuisance, such as garbage cans and fruit trays. Garbage and especially older fruit attract many flies, so the chance of success here in the area is very high. See for yourself where you experience the most inconvenience, in supermarkets, this is usually the fresh produce and bottle intake and in the hospitality industry usually at the beer tap and the packaging.

Is the liquid toxic?

No, the liquid is non-toxic and even food-grade, which means it can come into contact with food.

What if my child has swallowed the liquid?

No problem: the liquid is non-toxic and food-grade. And he or she probably won't do it again: it won't be nice. To be sure, let the child drink a lot of water in case the fluid is very old, this dilutes everything. Compare it with apple juice that can go beyond the date.

Do you smell the liquid when you hang the Fruit Fly Ninja?

No, only if you come very close. In principle, the Ninja is mainly noticed by fruit flies.

Is the use of a Fruit Fly Ninja environmentally responsible?

Yes, we only use biodegradable parts or recycled plastics. Always try to return the waste separately. We are committed to minimizing the impact on the environment.


For maximum results with the Fruit Fly Ninja, we advise you to follow the following tips.

1) Stick Ninjas as close as possible to the nuisance spots. On the trash can or above. Near / in the fruit bowl or above. The scent is slightly heavier than air, causing it to slowly spread down: larger attraction area.

2) Dispose of the garbage, change all garbage bags.

3) Keep your fruit and vegetables in the fridge for the coming week.

4) After catching the most fruit flies, continue to use 1 fruit fly catcher per week per location to nip new pests in the bud.

5) Wipe the yellow funnel of the bottle for even faster operation.

6) Make sure the substrate is dry and free of grease so that the Fruit Fly Ninja sticks well.

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