ToxWipe 7+ Oral Drug Testing Device

Size: 25 Pack - $33 per test
Sale price$825


ToxWipe 7+ Oral Fluid Device


Ideal for workplace testing programs, road safety testing, clinics and personal testing.

All In One Design
Collect saliva and read results from the same device. Intuitive to use and no need for shaking, squeezing, or pressing. The ToxWipe™ will give reliable results without puzzling pieces together or positioning restrictions.

Sample Sufficiency Indicator
Take the guesswork out of collecting enough saliva and having to repeat saliva collection steps. The blue sample sufficiency indicator will let the user know when there is enough saliva to render accurate results. 

Competitive Performance
Our standard ToxWipe™ cut-offs have been set to meet the demands of law enforcement and workplace settings. The ToxWipe 7 panel oral fluid drug screen device detects the AS47060:2019 listed drugs of abuse in saliva plus benzodiazepines.

ToxWipe 7+ Panel Features:

  • Performance has been independently verified by an AS/NZ 4760:2019 accredited laboratory
  • The collection procedure is unmatched in its speed and simplicity
  • No handling or collection of saliva
  • Integrated buffer
  • Patented collection pad
  • Latest generation testing antibodies

This device tests for 7 drug classes at AS4760:2019 specified cut-offs.

Download the Instructions for Use HERE


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