Ultimate Ecstasy Testing Pack

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The most advanced testing on the market to give you a complete picture of what you are purchasing.

The Ultimate Ecstasy Testing Pack includes:

1 x Ecstasy:
EZ Test Marquis was the first test for Ecstasy ever to come onto the market and should still serve as your primary test kit. As a rule of thumb that you should use when testing for the presence of ecstasy (MDMA, MDA, MDE): if it doesn’t turn black, throw it back!

1 x Ketamine:
EZ Test Ketamine is yet another reagent that reacts to MDMA.  Besides this, it will show different colours for (meth)amphetamines, ketamine, 2-AminoIndane (a research chemical), Ritalin and PMA/PMMA.

1 x MDMA:

The MDMA Purity Test enables you to quickly get an idea about the purity of a sample, in other words: how much of this sample is MDMA or Molly. With an accurate scale, this test, a little time and your phone you can then calculate how much MDMA is in a sample.

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