Universal Drager Alcotest Breathalyser Mouth Pieces (25 pack)

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The sophisticated product design meets the requirements for performing the breath alcohol test quickly, easily and hygienically.

The shape of the Slide‘n‘click mouthpiece allows you to intuitively fit it to the Alcotest device correctly, even in the dark.

A spacer on the mouthpiece keeps the lips of the person being tested from coming into contact with the device’s housing. The spacer can also be used as a mouthpiece ejector if necessary. A push on the ejection tab on the mouthpiece hygienically expels it from the Breathalyser without any contact between the operator’s hand and the subject’s saliva.

Comes in packs of 25 individually wrapped mouthpieces to maintain 100% hygiene.

Suitable for Drager Alcotest Models: 5820, 6000, 6820 and 7510

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