Fire Services: Selecting a Breathalyser to address Victoria's new zero BrAC law

1st April 2021.

A new law has been introduced in Victoria mandating that drivers of all heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonne (Gross Vehicle Mass) must have a blood-alcohol level of zero. 

Returning a blood alcohol reading over 0.00 BAC now results in heavy penalties, including loss of licence.  This is a significant change from the previous law which only required drivers of vehicles over 15 tonne (GVM) to adhere to the zero BAC limit.

This has prompted many in the fire services industry to consider implementing breath alcohol testing for drivers before commencing a shift.

What to look for when selecting a breathalyser?

When you need to measure blood alcohol concentration against mandatory zero BAC laws, accuracy and reliability are key factors to consider.  Buying on price alone could result in a breathalyser lacking in accuracy.  A breathalyser that has drifted out even 0.01 BAC could result in an inaccurate reading resulting in severe penalties if the driver mistakenly believes they are zero BAC.

Selecting an Australian Standard Certified Breathalyser, like the Drager Alcotest 6000, will provide the peace-of-mind that comes with using an accurate, commercial grade breathalyser.  Drager breathalysers utilise the proven electrochemical fuel cell measurement technology which is also used by Police forces in Australia and the world over for roadside testing. 

Drager breathalysers provide very accurate readings, even at the all important low alcohol concentrations, unlike some units available which are optimised to provide an accurate reading only around the standard BAC limit of 0.05.

Hygiene is another important consideration, particularly in the current pandemic. The Alcotest 6000 are fitted with the cost-effective single use Drager mouthpieces.  This ensures a fresh mouthpiece can be easily connected for every test.  The design of the mouthpiece also prevents the persons mouth from touching the breathalyser during the test.

Drager Alcotest 6000 Breathalyser

Drager Alcotest 6000 Breathalyser:  An ideal unit for a fast and accurate breath test before clocking on.

  • Professional use, entry level breathalyser
  • Certified to Australian Standard 3547:2019 for accuracy and reliability
  • Police-grade fuel cell measurement technology ensuring precise and accurate results even at very low alcohol levels
  • Easy to use with fast response times
  • Tests in passive and active modes
  • Highly robust device with precise readings, even in temperatures ranging from -5 to +50 degrees
  • Easy to fit, single use, hygienic mouthpieces
  • Long 12 month calibration interval


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