Introducing the Drager Drugcheck3000® App

This innovative new App from Dräger makes using the DrugCheck® 3000 saliva drug test even simpler!

With the DrugCheck® App, users can scan, evaluate, document, and archive test results in just a handful of steps without the need for bulky equipment or power source.

Validated through testing thousands and thousands of test results, this new IOS compatible, free App provides the benefits of the flexible Drugcheck® 3000 system, but with electronic reading of results and data storage.

Especially useful for our clients who run their own drug testing program in-house or keep some Drugcheck® 3000 tests on-site for occasional use, testers can document the test results in a clearly arranged manner for record-keeping and archiving purposes. The recorded data comprises of all the essentials including personal details of the tester, test subject details and the date, time, and location.

The app also features a video guide on how to use the DrugCheck 3000, how to evaluate test results using your smartphone camera, and store the results for subsequent use.

Thanks to the data storage function, the measurement logs can be retrieved at a later date. You can also forward the logs quickly and easily using your smartphone, meaning that immediate remote action can be taken in response to a test result.

This App is used in conjunction with the Drager Drugcheck 3000 saliva drug test kits. 

Our DrugCheck® 3000 Delivers Hygienic Sample Collection and Rapid, Reliable Results.

  • Non-invasive & rapid saliva collection in 15 seconds
  • Sample adequacy indicator ensures the correct volume of saliva is collected every time
  • Rapid testing for 5-6 drug classes in only 5 minutes
  • Tests for Opiates, Cocaine, Cannabis, Methamphetamine (MDMA), Amphetamines
  • Similar to blood testing, the DrugCheck®3000 provides reliable results about whether someone has      recently consumed drugs
  • Designed and Manufactured in Germany and tested to Dräger’s Strict Quality Assurance Processes
  • Constantly evolving to keep up with changing testing requirements in the Australian testing environment

Available now to purchase from the BMF Store!

Contact us today to find out how the free Drager Drugcheck App can be incorporated into your on-site drug screening program.


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