Portable Gas Detection for Confined Space Entry

Are you or your workers entering confined spaces for repairs, maintenance or routine work?

Gases or vapors in the area around your breathing space are often dangerous.  Working near, or entering confined spaces poses additional risks due to the enclosed space and often poor ventilation.  If hazardous gases or vapors are present, or the concentration of oxygen in the air becomes too low or too high, the situation can quickly become dangerous, without the worker realising they are at risk.

The air we breathe is made up of more than just oxygen, which only makes up around 20% of the air composition.  A number of gases make up our air including nitrogen and carbon dioxide as well as numerous other gases at trace levels.   In many cases it is the concentration of these gases that is important to human safety.   The human nose is not a reliable indicator of dangerous air conditions.  Low oxygen levels in the air cannot be detected by human senses.   Even a relatively small drop in oxygen concentration can cause reduced physical and mental performance, or even unconsciousness without the individual detecting that they were at risk.  Detection of toxic gases and vapors, which can lead to poisoning as well as detection of flammable gases which could lead to explosion are also critically important.

When working in and around confined spaces, undertaking a risk assessment is an important first step to determine the necessary safety management actions to be implemented.  In most cases it will be necessary to ensure workers are equipped with early warning personal gas detection equipment.  Multi gas detectors from the Drager X-am series are ideal for Confined Space Entry applications.  These devices have an ergonomic design and are small enough to be worn comfortably on the clothing.  They provide reliable and rapid detection of explosion risks, low oxygen conditions and the presence of toxic gases all in the one unit.   X-am portable gas detectors have an easy to use 2-button menu, audible and visual warning alarms and long life sensors reducing ongoing running costs.

The Drager X-am 2500 is made for Confined Space Entry.  This 4-gas device can be used for clearance measurements to ensure no hazardous conditions exist prior to entry to the confined space.  When combined with a pump and hose,or probe, further measurements at key distances down or along the tunnel shaft or tank can be made accurately and safely.  The hose accessories can extend up to 45m, ensuring the worker is well clear of any potentially hazardous conditions while measuring the air quality.  Once the conditions have been determined as safe to enter, the X-am 2500 can then be worn on the clothing for continuous personal air monitoring while the worker is undertaking the confined space work.  The standard model X-am 2500 provides continuous monitoring for explosive gases and vapors, Oxygen (O2) as well as options for Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Sulfur Dioxide(SO2) or Hydrogen Sulfide.   These models can be ordered easily and directly through our online store at https://bmfhq.com.au/collections/portable-gas-detection.

If your requirements extend beyond the range of sensors available for the X-am 2500, then the X-am 5000 provides an even more extensive range of sensors.  The Drager sensors can be upgraded and exchanged in this model, which gives long term flexibility for changing applications and conditions.  The X-am 5000 is also ideal for clearance testing and continuous personal monitoring while working in confined spaces, providing continuous personal monitoring for explosive gases and vapors, Oxygen (O2) and a selection of over 25 additional long life sensors for poisonous and toxic gases.  Ensuring you are correctly equipped for clearance testing and continuous monitoring of subtle changes to the air in the breathing zone, means that preventative steps can be taken immediately, protecting the health and safety of you and your team.

BMF HQ is an authorised seller of Drager Portable Gas Detection Devices.  Based in Melbourne, and shipping Australia-wide, we can assist you to build a custom Drager portable gas detection solution for your application, including confined space entry.  Calibration equipment, pumps and accessories are also available. 

View our range online today at https://bmfhq.com.au/collections/portable-gas-detection, or talk directly to our technical specialist about your specific requirements. 




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