Drager Alcotest Breathalysers professional range

With 60 years’ experience as a world leader in breath alcohol testing technology, Drager’s latest range of professional breathalysers offer workplaces and professional users highly robust, accurate, Australian Standard certified breath alcohol testing technology.  The Drager Alcotest 6000, Alcotest 7000 and Alcotest 5000 are professional breathalysers used for measuring blood alcohol content (BAC), ideally suited for use in workplaces, government agencies, law enforcement, and events for monitoring alcohol consumption and ensuring compliance with BAC regulations and are proudly distributed by BMFHQ.

But which model is most suited to your workplace?  In this selection guide, we will compare the features, benefits, and applications of these three models, as well as the calibration requirements, certification to Australian Standards and accessories available for each type of device.  To get the most out of your breathalysers and your budget, read on to learn which model is the best fit for your workplace alcohol testing program.

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Drager Alcotest Professional Breathalysers are leading the way in workplace alcohol testing technology

The measurement technology used in the Alcotest 5000, 6000 and 7000 professional models is Drager’s proven DragerSensor technology, the electrochemical sensor delivering high accuracy and long-term stability.   This highly stable measurement technology has allowed Drager to extend the calibration interval for the Alcotest 6000 and Alcotest 7000 model to once per 365 days, saving on downtime and maintenance costs compared to earlier models and other breathalysers on the market.


The Drager Alcotest 6000 is a handheld breathalyser that is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. This model is designed for use with the single use Drager Slide ‘n Click hygienic mouthpieces.   It is the ideal entry level professional breathalyser, accurately measuring and reporting BAC in the range of 0 - 0.250 g/210L.  It also allows the user to measure alcohol in the ambient air, without the use of a mouthpiece.

It has a back-lit LCD screen for easy reading of results. The device also has an internal memory that can store up to 500 test results. Certified to AS3547, the Alcotest is ideal for small - medium workplaces and other professional applications.  It is also suitable for the personal user, looking for a highly robust and reliable personal monitoring device.  The Alcotest 6000 breathalyser is included on the AHPRA list of approved breath testing devices. 

Additional optional accessories available with this device include a high vis protective cover (testing can be carried out while cover is on), or hard carry case which allows you to store spare mouthpieces and/or batteries with the device.  Calibration is required once per year to maintain precision and accuracy, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.


  • Compact, portable and easy to carry
  • Backlit, LCD screen for easy reading of results
  • Internal memory for storage of up to 500 test results
  • Electrochemical sensor technology: High accuracy, long term stability


  • Workplace alcohol testing – AS3547
  • School and University alcohol testing
  • Premium personal testing
  • AHPRA approved breath alcohol testing


The Drager Alcotest 7000 is Drager’s latest release, premium professional breathalyser.

Certified to AS 3547:2019, it is a larger and more robust device that provides professional users a high degree of flexibility and functionality all in one breathalyser.  The Alcotest 7000 features an extended BAC measurement range of 0 – 0.600 g/210L making this device highly suited to a broad range of applications. 

This model allows users the option to carry out active tests via the single use Drager Slide ‘n Click mouthpiece, and switch to passive tests using the hygienic funnel simply via the click of a button.  This allows users rapidly and hygienically screen a large number of subjects to get an initial indication as to whether alcohol is present in the subject’s breath.  If the answer is yes, at the press of a button you switch over to an active mouthpiece-based test for an exact measurement of BAC.  Re-charging is easy via USB.

The Alcotest 7000 has a large internal memory that can store 10,000 test results and offers a number of data management and reporting tools.  The internal Bluetooth technology allow instant printing of results to the Drager BT mobile printer at a distance of up to 15m away.  Dräger's Service Connect software enables you to download measurement data or you can also connect the Alcotest 7000 directly to a computer with a USB-C cable to download the test results into an excel file.  In addition, the APP "Dräger add" facilitates a range of processes - e.g. the documentation of the measuring data on-site.

We offer the Alcotest 7000 inclusive with a hard carry case as standard, but through BMFHQ additional options can be selected including a protective sleeve which shields the device from wear and tear during use, a larger transport case with room for the Drager BT printer and spare mouthpieces and funnels, and the BT mobile printer and replacement paper or stickers.


  • Active and Passive testing with mouthpieces or funnel
  • Widest temperature and BAC measurement range
  • Durable design for use in harsh conditions
  • Large colour LCD screen for easy reading of results
  • Internal memory for storage of 10,000 test results
  • Bluetooth and data management
  • Electrochemical sensor technology: High accuracy, long term stability


  • Law enforcement and road safety
  • Workplace alcohol testing – AS3547
  • School and university drug and alcohol testing
  • Event and festival alcohol testing
  • Medical and rehabilitation centres


The Drager Alcotest 5000 is a professional breathalyser designed to detect the presence, or absence, of alcohol.  This breathalyser is designed for alcohol screening where fast efficient and hygienic testing are the priorities.  The device is capable of testing up to 12 subjects per minute.  Ideal during large-scale operations, entrance checks at work sites, or stadiums and events.

It’s special non-contact funnel reduces the back-flow of expired air to a minimum, preventing the risk of infection to subsequent test subjects, a feature that has become more important than ever.

The Alcotest 5000 is compact, portable and lightweight, and uses the proven DragerSensor electrochemical sensor technology to measure BAC.  Results are qualitative only.  This means they are reported as:

  1. Alcohol not detected, presented as a tick on the screen combined with a green light.
  2. Alcohol detected, presented as a cross on the screen combined with a red light.

In some circumstances, a secondary test may be required using another device which measures the exact BAC level.

This model operates on 3 x AA batteries, which provides power for more than 5000 tests before a battery change is required.  The Alcotest 5000 model only requires calibration once every 2 years, meaning very infrequent downtime is required to maintain this device.

Being a qualitative breathalyser, this device is not subject to Australian Standard certification.


  • Drager’s fastest breathalyser up to 12 tests per minute
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Internal memory for storage of up to 500 test results
  • Large LCD screen for easy reading of results
  • Results displayed clearly as no alcohol (tick) with a green light or alcohol present (cross) with a red light.
  • Hygienic, non-contact alcohol screening via a non-contact funnel
  • Electrochemical sensor technology: High accuracy, long term stability


  • Suited for use where high throughput, speed and efficiency are priorities
  • Pre-screening where qualitative results are adequate, or positive tests will be re-tested on another breathalyser
  • Workplace alcohol screening
  • Event and festival alcohol screening


Please contact BMFHQ if you have any questions or require a quote before purchasing a professional breathalyser. 

The Alcotest 6000, Alcotest 7000 and Alcotest 5000 are all available from BMFHQ HERE

A leading supplier of professional breathalysers and alcohol testing equipment in Australia, bmfhq.com.au offers competitive pricing, fast shipping, and a comprehensive range of accessories to support the use of the Drager Alcotest Professional Breathalyser range. 



Drager Alcotest 5000

Drager Alcotest 6000

Drager Alcotest 7000

Exceptional speed & hygiene for efficient mass screening

Compact device providing quantitative results with speed & precision

Premium device with high level functionality and flexibility

Passive alcohol testing

Active & passive testing

Active & passive testing

Non-contact breath testing


Non-contact breath testing

Funnel only

Mouthpiece only

Mouthpiece or Funnel

Alcohol results reported using symbols as:

Detected or Not detected

Measuring range:

0.000 - 0.250 g/210L

Measuring range:

0.000 - 0.600 g/210L

Electrochemical DrägerSensor® alcohol-specific

Electrochemical DrägerSensor® alcohol-specific

Electrochemical DrägerSensor® alcohol-specific

Calibration interval:

Once per 2 years

Calibration interval:

Once per year

Calibration interval: \Once per year

LCD display screen

black & white

1.3” LCD display screen

black & white

2.4” TFT large,

colour display

3 x AA batteries

Replaceable lithium battery

Lithium rechargeable battery



USB charging

Up to 5000 tests from a single battery set

Up to 1500 tests from a single battery

Up to 5000 tests between charging

Data storage:

500 test results

Data storage:

500 test results

Data storage:

10,000 test results

Data readout to PC via micro USB

Data readout to PC via micro USB

Data readout to PC via USB-C



Bluetooth connectivity to Printer



Drager Add App


AS3547:2019 certified

AS3547:2019 certified


AHPRA approved device




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