How does San Air work?

How clean is the air in your home?

Recently, the importance of fresh air and the role indoor air quality plays in the spread of illness has been brought into the spotlight.

In addition to Covid-19, many respiratory illnesses including influenza, can also be spread through airborne transmission and these risks are significantly greater indoors.

Heating and air-conditioning units can also harbour harmful microbes which can be spread throughout the indoor air.

Opening windows or doors to let fresh air into your home is one of the best ways to improve air quality and keep air fresh flowing through your home.   This is ideal when the weather permits, but during the cold winter months, it is often not feasible. 

San-Air improves the quality of the indoor air 24/7

If you are looking for a cost effective, safe and natural way to purify the air in your indoor space and clean and sanitise surfaces, San-Air has created a trio of innovative air and surface purification products which do just that.  These products:

  • Employ cutting edge, sustainable technology
  • Use natural ingredients extracted from plants
  • Reduce the airborne pathogens indoors that can make people sick
  • Are made in Australia

The San-Air V3R product trio - Air Purity Bioclean Gel, Air-Conditiioner Gel and Surface disinfectant have been developed to destroy pathogens and keep them at bay in the indoor air space.  

San-Air's revolutionary V3R formula has been independently tested and proven to kill up to 78% of Covid-19 every 10 minutes when used continuously in the indoor air space.


How does San-Air work against Viruses?

The San-Air technology uses a 3-pronged approach to eradicate viruses.

  1. Kills the bacteria host of the virus

For over 100 years science has proven that viruses need to host in bacteria in order to survive.  San-air eradicates the bacteria as well as the virus they can be hosting.

  1. Removes the envelope of the virus

Independent study results show that the San-Air technology in gel and liquid form, kill the virus when tested with methodology which measures the removal of the envelope of the Covid-19 virus.

San-air V3R liquid – passed the TGA Covid-19 test – 99.995% kill on contact

San-air V3R Gel -  passed the TGA Covid-19 test – 99.995% kill in 10 minutes

  1. Impacts the infectious genes of the virus

Innolab results show that both the San-Air gel and liquid work on the infectious genes of Covid-19.  Overall the product showed high efficacy to degrade the Sars CoV-2 virus particle.  The use of San-Air gel and liquid products provide fast and continuous impact against Covid-19.

San-Air attacks all sources of infection -Bacteria, Mould and Viruses by stopping their ability to reproduce.

Provides long-lasting protection from Bacteria, Mould and Viruses

San-Air attacks all sources of infection - Bacteria, Mould and Viruses by stopping their ability to reproduce.  Once San-Air removes the infestation and the space has been cleaned, the product continues working to prevent new infestations from appearing.

On average, a San-Air Air Purity Gel lasts 3 months from opening.

TGA regulatory approval

San-Air Household/Commerical grade disinfectant is a TGA listed disinfectant.  This is the only TGA listed product that uses 100% plant actives and is proven to be effective against germs and Covid-19.  ARTG No: 341853

Independently tested and validated

San-Air V3R Liquid – passed TGA Covid-19 test – 99.995% kill on contact

San-Air V3R Gel – passed TGA Covid-19 test – 99.995% kill in 10 minutes

San-Air liquid passed the TGA Disinfectant Test, Option A, B and C

San-Air Gel kills 99% of airborne bacteria, fungus, mould and spores

San-Air Gel kills 99% of fungicidal activity and 99% of sporadical activity

How to use San-Air in 3 easy steps

  1. Sanitise any area with our 100% natural disinfectant spray that kills Covid-19 on contact.  For an even better reach, disinfectant can be applied using the San-Air Atomiser which breaks the product into a fine mist disperses into the air and onto surfaces most effectively.
  2. Place an evaporating Gel that continues to destroy viruses, bacteria and even mould keeping your space odour free and fresh for up to 3 months.  Place 1 San-Air Purity Gel per 100sqm.
  3. If you have a split-system air conditioner, for additional protection place a San-Air Split system V3R Gel inside the unit for ongoing purification of the outgoing air and parts of the unit.

Where can I use San-Air V3R products?

San-Air V3R products can be used in homes, offices, cars, schools, cafes, gyms or other indoor space to improve air quality and reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and other airborne viruses, bacteria and mould.



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