Drager Drugcheck the Top Performer in International Study

April 2021:

Drager Drugcheck 3000 'Best in Class' for on-site oral fluid drug screening

The US Department of Transportation has published an in depth study of a select group of oral fluid drug screening devices designed for on-site drug testing.

All devices in the study were tested for accuracy, reliability, resistance to wide ranging weather conditions accross drug classes including Methamphetamine, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Opiates and Cannabis.

The Drager Drugcheck 3000, BMF's preferred technology for all oral fluid-based workplace testing applications, has performed consistently well above other brands for reliability, sensitivity (ability to accuracy detect positives), specificity(ability to accuracy detect negatives).  The study found an overall accuracy of 98.8% (sensitivity and specificity combined) for the Drugcheck 3000.

In addition, field testing of the Drager Drugcheck3000 demonstrated superior performance in resisting high temperatures and humidity, two factors which are very applicable to the Australian climate.  The temperature and humidity extremes did not affect performance, as the Drugcheck 3000 was reported to have an overall accuracy of 98.9% even when exposed to the challenging conditions.

With Cannabis being the most widely and most frequently used illicit drug in Australia, accurate detection of recent use of THC in the workplace is more important than ever. Many on-site saliva drug tests have struggled to achieve this. The Drager DrugCheck3000 can detect even minute traces of d9-THC in saliva, down to 15ng/ml, as specified by the Australian Standard for oral fluid drug screening.  This independent evaluation found field performance of the Cannabis test to be exceptionally high, with an overall accuracy of 99.3%.

Organisations conducting random drug testing in their workplaces can opt for saliva drug testing with confidence knowing the Drugcheck 3000 device delivers reliable and accurate on-site screening results under wide ranging environmental conditions.   

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